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Our compliance work includes:


·         Resolution of OIG and DOJ investigations and audits


·         Negotiation, revision, and implementation of OIG integrity agreements


·         Requests for Advisory Opinions from the OIG


·         Practical analysis and solutions for potential Stark noncompliance


·         Preparation and submission of Stark Self-Disclosures


·         Internal reviews into whistleblower claims and allegations of noncompliance, including strategies for bringing finality to potential instances of noncompliance


·         Advice and counseling regarding identified overpayments, including practical methods for repaying overpayments in a manner that minimizes risk of unwarranted governmental scrutiny


·         Responding to state and federal surveys and inspections, including developing corrective action plans and appeals


·         Responding to inquiries from state licensure boards


·         Responding to all varieties of Medicare and Medicaid audits


·         False Claims Act